Yoga, meditation and a new name.

Sometimes we need to let go of things. How that looks we dont know until its time. We all make a chioce based from the moment. Nothing is right nothing is wrong. It just is as it is in the moment. Everything is changing.

I heal thru yoga and meditation thats one of the biggest things. I am also a seeker and open to new things.

Find your own truth and walk your path if you loose your way, you will find a new way


I am more then Petra Lisa Yvonne

I have for so many years known that I am something else more then Petra. Petra is one of my name it means stone and it was given to me after my mothers brother Peter. Its a beautiful name and it suits me.

I also knew that I would have another name and now I have.

My name i s Cheetah. Its so beautiful and it feels so right. I am a sister to mother earth and I will walk step by step my truth. Maybe it will not always suit others but from now on I will be true to myself in every step I take.

Love is a word that came to me

Love is the word that has come to me. Maybe some people dont think I choose love and compassion but it does not always look like the way we think it should look like. We can have true love and compassion in so many different ways.

I will travel again

I will soon travel again!!!
Yes you heard right!!!!I will go to Thailand again just to take care of my body and soul. Last weeks has not been easy. My choice to go was easy.

Practice meditation and yoga is pure healing for me. Nature is pure healing. Travel is pure healing. Lots of things is healing for me.

Lifes goes up and down

Life goes up and down and things can be like a rollercoaster sometimes. Maybe you felt sometimes in your life that you actually had enought? I have many times, but deep down I will always find a way out of it. Every new step is a step of healing, a step to my true me. Sometimes its small small steps.

You who knows me know that life has not been easy every day for me.

Belive me i try

I try to give to others.

I try to forgive but things takes time.

I try to survive many of my days, thats how it feels sometimes.

I try to heal, belive me. I have a lot to heaI, and I can only heal one thing at time so it will take time. Healing is not to shut down it is to bring up the things that needs to be healed.

I try to be my trueself.

I try to give love.

I try to be with mother earth to be gounded.

I try to learn new ways to heal me and others.

I try to practice every day.

I try to say yes to things I love.

I try to say No to things that does not make me feel good, or being true to myself.

Have you felt that you dont fit in?

I practice every day to fit in to this world and reality and I often dont. Have you ever felt that way? I know I am not alone.
I am different I know. I am hypersensitive and I am proud to have that gift.

I have been thru a lot of things, heavy stuff, and I try to heal all the scars both inside and outside.

I fight!!!!!I never give up! After the darkness we will always see the light and come to love. Sometime it takes time, but time is all we have. Its a process!!!

”Slowly Slowly a good friend said”
”You are a fighter someone else said”
”Be the beauty you are someone else said”
”We heal one thing at time it takes time somone else said”

Love getting email

I got an email the othe day from and old mentor that always has been there for me just to get some words made me feel better. He asked me if I needed to talk and that he was there for me. So beautiful this man is. Since 2008 he has been in my life. I am more then greatful. Yes I am a coach, but the coach is also a person a human that have feelings like everyone else in this world.

Greatful beyond

I am greatful for the people around me that helps me in hard times. I would like to say Thank you to many people but I will choose only a few today.

Thank you for being my lifeline on the phone Maria Nord.

Thank you for a magic beautiful ceremony with lot of kindness and healing and for my new name.”Cheetah”Ove Kvillegård Svensson Maria Kvillegård Svensson

Thank you Marie Vanjasdotter Erlandsson for being the grounded, beautiful person you are.

Thank you Tina and Martina that your door always is open for me.

Thank you Ingela Palmquist for always being there in the most dark and light timesin my life. You are my sister that I never got and I love you.

Thank you Pierre Carmefeldt my husband who always fight for my rights! Its not easy but you do it. You belive in me and you let me go when I need to heal. We now have a platform that maybe look different to others, but it works for us.

Thank you Katarina Nyqvist for taking all time for me last time when I needed it. You are pure love to me. If you knew how beautiful you are both on inside and outside.

And my son you are just amazing. Be who you are and follow your dreams and live your life and have fun like you always say. I am proud of you. Walk your true path.

Thanks to all my students

I also want to thank all my meditation and yoga students that gave money to Hjärnfonden (Brainfond)that supports people with spinl injury, ms, migran and adhd and also alzeimers and other things. Would you like to support?

Go here:

And to all others that I havent mention you are all in my heart.

Do you like my new Kimono?

Gillar ni min nya Kimono? Jag älskar den och alla andra yoga och meditation produkter från Yogia. Ni hittar den här:

Go to this place!!!

If you would like to look where I am going check this place out!!!!!! I just LOOOOVE this place.

Love Cheetah❤️

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